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    Hi Aristo, 

    Would the user need to create new views specifically for the hierarchy view? If not, I think we could make the existing compliment of saved views that are created via the Table Views or Investment Dashboards available to the Hierarchy context. 

    The process might look like this: 

    • I create a view for managing important projects via the table by applying filters and an appropriate sort order
    • I save the view as "Important Projects"
    • When navigating using the hierarchy, I know I need to get to one of my important projects
    • I would would use a selector to nominate my "Important Projects" from a drop down list of saved views
    • The filters and sort order would be applied to the hierarchy view
    • I select my project and navigate away

    What are your thoughts? 


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  • Aristo Wong

    Hi Phil,

    I think this works extremely well and would allow the user to be granular in their control if they use the table and use the logical operators to filter out items.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.


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